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DIAVLOS is a research project funded by the General Secretariat for Research and Technology (Greece), in the framework of Action 2.1 of the "Eastern Macedonia-Thrace 2000-2006" programme.


- Ocean Physics and Modelling Group (OPAM)
- Marac Elecronics
- Institute of Accelerating Systems and Applications
- University of Athens
- University of Thessaloniki

Version: 1.0
(January 10, 2008)

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Development and application of tools for oil spill dispersion management at the Bourgas-Alexandroupolis oil-pipe terminal (N.E. Aegean Sea)

Forecast and prevention of oil spill accidents in the sea is important for the protection of the ecological and cultural standards of the region. Related to the construction of Bourgas-Alexandroupolis oil pipe, MARAC Electronics, the University of Thessaloniki , the University of Aegean and the University of Athens ( Ocean Physics and Modelling Group and the Atmospheric Modeling and Weather Prediction Group) are developing a forecast system for forecasting/monitoring oil spill dispersion in the area of the Northeastern Aegean Sea.

The project involves the development and implementation of tools (software, instrumentation and website) for oil pollution protection in the region, centered around the Alexandroupolis oil pipe terminal. Possible oil spill accidents will be monitored and oil dispersion will forecasted.

Additional, Univeristy of Athens will provide high-resolution atmpospheric and oceanic forecasting in the region, to facilitate operations to contain oil spill spreading/beaching and cleaning operations. Wind, wave and oceanic circulation forecast is available on DIAVLOS website by the Ocean Physics and Modelling Group and the Atmospheric Modeling and Weather Prediction Group of the University of Athens.

The basic actions

DIAVLOS system deliverables include:

 Development of special drifting floats to monitor the trajection and spreading of oil spills.

 Development of 48-hours oil spill dispersion forecasting system, based on wind, wave and ocean circulation forecasting.

 Development of portable device for extreme weather prediction.

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